My History with the Age of Empires franchise

Let me introduce myself,

My name is Mark, I’m 29 years old today and I live in Brazil.

My story with Age of Empires began when my 12-year-old i won my first computer, with the configuration: Atlhon AMD K6-II 500Mhz, with 256Mhz RAM, and along with it came Windows 98 on a CD, and it was that in my childhood in one day I decided to explore the folders contained in Windows 98 Software and discovered Age of Empires: Rise of Rome, in the demo version … I was playing and soon I was in love with the category of Strategy, I bought the AOE games and AOE: Rise of Rome, I went through AOEII and started playing on Game in Zone, Microsoft’s Multiplayer Platform that was extinguished, and to this day, almost 30 years old, still playing Age of Empires on Steam, and I expected a lot for This remake! Also, I cannot stop talking about Age of Empires IV, which seems to me to have died when Esemble Studios was sold, I’m very grateful that Age of Empires IV comes into being someday! and i Hope i play the Beta version of AOE:DE !