My ideas about making Burgundians better

Here is some balance suggestions for Burgundians to make them better:

1-Wheelbarrow 50% cheaper, research 100% faster. By this they can make it even in dark age and get a benefit from eco tech age before.

2-Cavalier upgrade is no more avialable in castle age.

3-Burgundians get bloodlines.

So what do you think?

I share the idea that they sould get bloodlines and castle age cavalier removed, so they can have FU paladin with cheaper techs. Very good for a paladin civ. The way they are right now is kinda tricky and their paladins become meh whey they lose the momentum.

Not sure about the wheelbarrow proposal. Anyways, their eco bonuses are mainly useful in arena-like maps.

I’m no spirit of the law. But 25w 88f wheelbarrow being trained in 1.5 vils seems very strong. If you do, say 20 vils, wheelbarrow, loom → click up. You’d hit feudal only a couple seconds after someone going 21 pop M@A. Not ideal for a scout rush, but they could easily do M@A rush with that and look toward castle age. Or they could drush FC with wheelbarrow.

Obviously I know it’s not as good as vikings, but vikings dont get bloodline. I think Drush FC 2 stable knights with 50% off bloodline and husbandry would be hard to handle. That said, I’d have to see real examples and build orders to know if it’s OP.