My ideas for Balance Patch (October)

  1. (negligible but eye-pleasing) Chinese: Team bonus increased to +50 food from farms.

  2. Teutons:
    a. Remove Crop Rotation. They would still have better wood to food efficiency over generic (non-Mayan Crop Rotation) farms. Just like how Celts lack two-man saw.
    b. All Infantry +1 melee armor in Feudal and Imperial Age. All Cavalry +1 melee armor in Castle Age.
    c. Teutonic Knights -1 melee armor. Elite Teutonic Knights -2 melee armor. Since b and c stack, it’s a negligible change. The standard teutonic knights gain +1 armor in Imperial Age.

  3. Indians: Gain Crop Rotation.

  4. Mayans:
    a. “Resources last 15% longer” changed to “Natural resources last 15% longer”. No longer affects farms and fish traps. Hence back to normal farming.
    b. Have access to Stables only in Imperial Age (Xolotl Warrior present).
    c. El Dorado gives +20 HP to Xolotl Warrior.

  5. Turks:
    a. Free Chemistry from Castle Age (just like how Cumans get Capped Ram in Castle Age).
    b. Janissaries +1 pierce armor (both forms).

  6. Lithuanians:
    Leitis: +10 gold cost.

  7. Tatars: Farms reduced to 20% capacity. Cost 12 wood. Contain 35 food by default. Farm upgrades at Mill increase food amount by 15, 25 and 35 respectively. Build time also reduced from 15 to 3 seconds. (Every stat is same in the long run).

  8. Berbers: Villagers walk 15% faster (small farming boost, safe boar lure).

  9. Xolotl Warrior: +20 HP and +1/+1 armor upon reaching Imperial Age.

  10. Steppe Lancers: -1 attack. -15 gold cost. (Both forms)

  11. Portuguese: Boars and equivalent produce +25% food.

  12. Magyars: Archer LOS bonus affects Skirmishers too.

  13. Koreans: team bonus- Mangonels +0.5 range.

yes mayans need a buff! lets do it!

this convoluted set of changes that you keep pushing for, simply so that your custom scenarios can be affected… like yes devs lets waste time on doing this instead of something that will affect 99% of all other players

and you’re net nerfing teutons farm and cav, without a buff except for vanilla TK +1MA?

yes because leitis arent strong enough, lets turn them into hands down absolutely THE best melee cav in the game…

yes lets nerf tatars more as welll as give them yet another convoluted change…

yes because mesos need more buffs??

yes because people arent complaining about over walling as it is, lets make the cheaper walls even stronger and double buff cumans while we’re at it…

like for reals bro… no, you clearly arent playing ranked


Did i see in your post a nerf for the Tatars?! Hahahaha, are you serious or am i mistaken?!


Better remove teutons 11, pros don’t even use them, nice joke bro.

This is the worse balance suggestion topic i have been reading, after the matcausalon which is for IA or very low level players, but this one goes beyond that.

The best is free chemistry in castle age for turks, OMG, this has to be a meme topic.

It’s a buff. Think it this way. You have 60 wood in hand. With a non-teuton civ you can put 1 farm. Wait for another 60 wood to put down another. With this bonus, Tatars can put down 5 farms. When another 60wood is collected, they can reseed it. (Farms have only 35 food without Horse Collar).

It’s a nerf in late random games and death matches. They already have solid military options like TKs, Paladins, SOs, BBTs. A generic civ with crop rotation makes 9.166 food for every wood. Teutons with their farm discount without Crop Rotation would make 10.416 food for every wood. It’s still better than generic.

You would be having limited production buildings. It’s good that the units you made in Castle Age have something in Imperial Age too. Stats wise these units have HP of Briton Cavalier/Saracen Knight, speed of Teuton Knight, Attack of Saracen Knight/Korean Cavalier, Armor of Malay Cavalier.

I do am playing ranked, and have an elo 1100 with lots of room for improvement.

You are clearly mistaken. Look at my explanation above. Moreover, you could have read the point more thoroughly.

What’s wrong with this? Can you give some objective cons?

yeah let’s nerf an already mid tier civilization for no real reason at all.

if Indians need a buff, and i am not sure they do, their economy would not be the place i would do so, as they have one of the best economies in the game.

yeah the xolotl warrior is there to be a flavor unit and isn’t something you are meant to see in competitive play. furthermore Mayans don’t need any buffs at all.

Castle Age Janissaries don’t need buffs, and giving them Chemistry straight out of Castle Age is a huge buff to their archers,

this is a huge buff to both this unit and the civ and they need neither.

this requires literally changing the farm techs and i don’t even know if its possible to change universal techs.

seems like a lot of overlap with mongols and goths.

we really don’t need to buff defensive play.

imagine thinking TK are anything other then a niche unit used to guard your siege from melee raiding units.

and despite this, Teutons are a mid tier civilization at best. not needing buffs, but definitely not needing nerfs. meanwhile you’re buffing an arguably top 3 civilization in the game in Mayans, for whatever reason.

point is meso civs are already the best civilizations in the game, and you’re buffing mayans by buffing their skirms, and then on top of that giving them access to the flavor unit.

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It is possible to create “copy techs”. The Koreans use this for their tower upgrades.

It’s a nerf to their late game economy. But it won’t change their status too much.

Farming is good in India. Moreover, their main units, Elephant Archers, Camels, Hand Cannons, Halberdiers, Skirmishers and Hussars all use food.

source for this? are you sure the tech isn’t just researched instantly like every other civ who gets free stuff?

and a nerf to their cavalry. on a civ that is mid tier at best.

and yet they already have an insane economy with cheaper villagers, fishing bonus (yeah its situational but still helps), and every eco upgrade but crop rotation.

What the ■■■■ is bad with Teutons, they are fine and yes go and nerf an unseen unit at high levels even when TKs need love.

Please no more non-sense like this, Leitis is fine and Lithuanians need them



I think this change will make them like a OP steppe lancer with higher HP + atk and armor-piercing atk.

Btw, I like your meme very much.


Sure, I have checked the Genie Editor. For someone else, say Frank free techs, the cost is reduced to 0F 0W 0 seconds. For Koreans, they have disabled the regular Keep and Guard Tower techs, and created exactly same techs with 0 cost.

seems a bit weird to have them done in two separate ways.

Read carefully. The TK is almost unchanged.

whatever man im not going to argue with this stuff, it will never happen because its either OP broken like this, or pointless like the rest. get over yourself

Honestly you should have a look at the internal files with the genie editor.

I was shocked how messy it was.

It might make you reconsider your opinion that AOE2 was ‘well designed’.

Don’t get me wrong, is a great game, it just didn’t get to the state is in now through careful planning.

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Changed a bit according to reviews.