My issue with the shift queue system

[movecommand->press shift->attack move->left click->release shift)] currently makes you queue an attack command, but it leaves the cursor in attack mode, forcing you to right click (or press the attack-move button) to exit the attack command.

This sequence is one of the most common commands in aoe4 as it’s the one that, amongst other things, makes your army move past things you don’t want it to attack ( bulidings, spearmen etc) into then attacking the intended target.

The forced attack-command-cancellation-click is one of the greatest gear grinders to me as it adds an unnessicary action to the end of every queued attack( or patrol) command. If this redundant attack-command isn’t cancelled, you’ll do an non-queued attack-move, cancelling your previous orders accidentally.

This also makes complex queue commands involving intermediate move-commands annoying beyond belief to me, in large part due to my wc3/sc2/dota2/HoN… muscle memory; but the fact that the attack/patrol command is still active even after lifting the shift key serves no other purpose than forcing an unnessicary and missclick-risking right-click.

As an sc2 veteran, i’d strongly argue in favor of their command card functionality in general as I think it’s noticably superior in other ways as well, but this particular shift-queue interaction is something I’ll sadly never be able to accept as reasonable. Playing aoe4, at times, feels like taking notes with pen and paper with the on the most beautiful notebook I’ve ever seen, but with the pen replaced with a crayon.