My Japanese Home City which I've never played as magically became level 7 and got 4 decks some of which are in foreign languages

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  • BUILD #: ######
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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My Japanese Home City became lvl 7 and got translated into Swedish or something?

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Happened once

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My Japanese city just became translated into Swedish and now has 4 decks and is now level 7 even though I have never played Japanese. I checked all of my other cities and they are fine but this is really weird. I think it happened after I saved a map in scenario editor for the achievement.

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The Home City is also called Ninnin for some reason, probably a result of the city being translated into some foreign language.

Just want to say I had something very similar happen. I was playing with my friend and we were both Chinese. Somehow his Home City became my Home City. Happened when we joined the lobby. But we had played many many games before that happened and nothing stood out when it happened.

Mismo problema, de vez en cuando se copian las barajas de otros jugadores con los que has jugado, se copia el mazo de baraja y el nivel, tambien me ha sucedido que todas las civilizaciones vuelven a nivel 1 y tengo civilizaciones repetidas… 2 incas 2 suecos etc