My MOD and Bugs Report

Empire 4 has an exciting engine and content! I hope the game keeps getting better. Here are some bugs I found:

Mongolian AI bug: If you change the resource storage of stone, the Mongolian AI will stay in place and refuse to build anything.

Clone bug: Sometimes when cloning, some components are lost, such as UI (usually landmarks have this problem) or building entities, which can cause display bugs during runtime.

Weapon component force initialization: When making the bee weapon for the keep, I used an unused weapon in EBPS, bee_incendiary. I found that this weapon couldn’t work because it was missing some components. So, I directly copied the components of the Great Wall Bee weapon into it, built the mod, opened the game, and everything worked fine! But if I exit the game, make some changes elsewhere, and then build the mod again, this weapon returns to its initial state and can no longer be used.

Trade tuning ineffective: I tried to change the profit from trade and the time trade carts spend in the market, but they never produced any effect.