My mod was flagged by admin

Good day to everyone. I am creator of custom campaigns and scenarios in AOE2: Definitive edition. So, I met a problem today. I wanted to check downloads of my new custom campaign “Dmitry Donskoy”, but noticed campaign was deleted from mod browser. I checked the site and saw my campaign was flagged by admin.

Why campaign may be flagged, why, and how to unflag it… It will be so disappointing if i will loose it. I hope devs will notice that.

Thanks for listening,

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@DodoNotDoDo, I think I’ve seen you help fix something like this before.

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I’ve unflagged it. It looks like some people were having trouble getting it to work, so you might just confirm that others are able to download and use it.

Thanks! I’ll check what happened!

Dear officials:
My account Cannot rate for the mod others making,after rating I found my rate was useless,please check what happen?In addition the moder named MidlifeArrow438 always do the evil things which he falsely reported other author’s mods to make others being flagged by admin,I urge the officials can ban the account of this evil guy and stop his infringement,thank you once again.