My mods keep getting disabled, ruining games

Every time there’s a patch, DE seems to disable all installed mods. I learn this by entering a game, and quickly finding it unplayable due to massive trees. Then I lose and quit. I come back a while later, and start another game, forgetting that all mods are disabled. Rinse and repeat. Finally, I remember, then I have to spend 5 minutes re-enabling each mod - very time-consuming, because it takes ages to download/install each mod.

I understand the rationale for disabling mods. But it annoys me greatly. Same with others I know who play. I feel some minor changes could make this much less annoying:

  • When mods are disabled, have a popup/warning: “Your mods have been disabled due to the latest update. Click here to re-enable them.”
  • Just make small trees the default graphics. This is the one mod that is 100% essential to make the game playable.
  • Allow re-enabling mods within a live game.
  • Add an “Enable All” button alongside the current “Disable All” button.

You lose because of the trees?


5 minuets for each mod? mine just disable, they don’t uninstall so I just have to recheck the box for the ones I’m using, couple of seconds max. Also how many mods are you using, I only really bother with small trees, a monk conversion one and Daut Castle.

I dont want mods and they keep re downloading

if they didnt make such a big impact, why would everyone download that mod?

a lot of people are easily running 8 or more mods. i dont think its a huge issue, but it is irritating

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I can survive without small trees, while they are annoying and I have to be really careful in case a straggler tree in front of my TC wants to end my entire career, they aren’t a huge deal.

Gonna be honest, I might not even go back and get my small trees mod again if the devs could just make it so stragglers never end up in front of TC. If they only spawned on the backside it’d be a huge QOL for the boar lure phase of dark age, and I also wouldn’t have that problem where with Small Trees active, I can’t easily chop down a back straggler to clear it for more farm space.

Because that one tree behind the Chunky part of the TC is a nuisance sometimes.

This is something you have imposed on your self. Why should the developers solve your self imposed problems? Simple sullotion. Dont use mods, they are only there to give you advantages you shold not have.

I don’t understand the rationale behind disabling them. I saw something in the release notes about them being disabled in case they don’t work properly after an update, but what is the user supposed to do besides enable them again to see if they work?


Nice derailing, if you have a strong argument against mods that make the game more playable maybe make that argument somewhere else but don’t dilute random threads :slight_smile:

I can only agree that this is very annoying, I have like 100 mods, most of them are not activated and are only “bookmarks”, activating the ones I had before takes some time and you have to be careful to not activate too many mods at once, had the game crash while activating everything I need and then needing to do it again. There should be an option to opt out of this at your own risk. Also, mods shouldn’t be automatically downloaded on a fresh DE installation.


I loved mods. Had like 50 aktive ones. Compeltely redon graphics, ui, music, lots f stuff active, lots of stuff inactive.

Now the got disabled and I am left with a list of 200 mods out of with 50 I used. Many mods being very Somiliar were I spent lots of time testing and trying to get the best for me.

This is all ruined. And to be honest, I haven’t played ever, since I booted the game and found out about this.

Spent a good half an hour to find the file which contains the active mods in hopes there would be a backup. Found the file, no backup.

What sane dev doesn’t even leave a backup when they ruin their users settings.

This has turned out to be a major issue for me and I am not going to play in the next mknths until I muster up to redo and mod work.

Now I instead make mods for rimworld…

PS. It is also the reason I haven’t bought the dlc.


Mods have one purpose and one purpose only. To give an advantage to whoever is using it. It has nothing what so ever to do with playability. If its a good thing it will be included in the original game. If its is not included then its not a good thing simple as that. And for your information I will continue to execute my right to have an opinion and theres nothing you can do about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is perfectly playable without this mod. I know, because I’ve never used this mod and have played many games :slight_smile:

This, along with tower range mod and others that serve to provide tactical advantages, are weird to have in ranked play, imo

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This has gotten off-topic. The topic is not whether mods are useful. The fact is that a system for mods exists, many of us use this system, and we would like this system to work well. I noted a specific way in which the system is broken: my mods are repeatedly disabled. Please, let’s stick to that topic.


It hasn’t gotten off-topic. You asked for the small trees mod to be default. A counter-argument isn’t off-topic

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We need a Mods Manager version 2.0 Having more than 150 mods it’s hard to prioritize without having to smash clicking my mouse of priority up. I hope we could get a similar prioritizing option to Steam Wishlist where I can put a number besides the mod for the hierarchy of priorities.


Not a complete solution, but do you know that shift clicking priority up puts a mod on the top?

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A workaround for you: subscribe to a custom menu background, or BGM. Also this mod if you like old UI: Mods Single - Age of Empires

So upon entering the game, you would know if mods are disabled.

I couldnt agree more. Mods are a bad thing and should be banned. And if there is a mod that increases the range of tower fire, using that its nothing less of plain cheating.

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There’s no mod that “increases” the range of tower fire, it just shows the range such as the Age of Mandala. Mods are not a bad thing, we just need a better Mod manager in-game.


Because of Wallers 11
I will not deny the mod clean the sight, but you should check for open spaces in your wall anyway… you shouldn’t depend of a mod for this. Is your fault.

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