My mods keep getting disabled, ruining games

there are a lot of cool mods : range for castles, tcs , towers,etc
idle villiger sign up their heads
small trees
daut monestry
and many others i cant remember right now

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i use the colour mods, and sometimes the UI mods on top of the ones you mentioned

but what breaks my balls is that stupid explosive sound when you age up keeps getting re-activated, even though my small trees keeps getting deactivated… mofo illogical

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Well I think a solution instead of simply disabling all mods after a patch would be the following:

If the game crashes the next time the game starts up before the game starts to load the mods a popup appears where you can decide to deactivate all mods.
So if the game constantly crashes because of a mod you can then fix it by deactivating the mods with the popup and now you don’t have to annoy the entire community with disabling all mods after each patch.

And that would actually solve the problem, unlike disabling all the mods. As I said before, what action do they expect the user to take after disabling them all? They have to try re-enabling, and even if they do it one at a time, if that one mod causes the game to crash on startup, they still have no way to get into the game to disable it, so disabling them all was pointless.

So what you’re saying is, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”?

get into any pro stream and tell me if one of them doesn’t use small trees