My mouse no longer works correctly in matches hi guys I uploaded a video showing the issue, I have tried everything to fix the issue and tried a new mouse but sometimes it doesnt register and you can clearly see what my mouse is doing in game and how i use it and I select things but things dont select properly or anything i tired reset to default but still face same issue, I have never had problems with aoe2 until recently with my mouse and now game is unplayable. does anyone know how to troubleshoot or fix this issue? PLEASE HELP i WANNA PLAY LOL

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I am facing the same issues in some of the matches. Other times it works well.

In Windows mouse settings, you need to make sure Enhance Pointer Precision is turned off.

Does the mouse work OK when you play other games?

I thought it was my mouse but started to happen after the update.
Not playing the game the last weeks so.not sure if the problem is there still

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Please see, yep the game works fine on other games too

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It only happens to me when the game is paused