My opinion on Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

tl;dr, Great game. Good on you Microsoft for pulling your finger out and doing something for once! Go and buy it if you haven’t already! It is something you’ll really enjoy!

I am not an experienced reviewer. Constructive criticism is welcome!

I purchased Age of Empires: Definitive Edition for $22.95 AUD at EB Games in Australia. I got a very nice feeling metallic case for my download code. Already, I was feeling the hype. Microsoft and Forgotten Empires put in a whole lot of effort, and you can tell before you even play the game!

The gameplay is mimicing the original Age of Empires, and holy crap they nailed it! They added a few different game mechanics like “Attack Move” and “Villagers will start doing their jobs as soon as they build a storage pit/granary/town center” which is very very helpful. Combat is solid, and the campaigns are excellent. The multiplayer is very solid, and very fun. It is very good. I wish more people were playing the multiplayer, because i like to sink myself into building up a civilisation from its roots. Gameplay earns a 10/10, a very solid Age of Empires experience.

This is the part the trailers manly focused on. The graphics are absolutely amazing. I love the ability to zoom. it is very helpful. Another thing I love about the graphics is that they aren’t terrible on a lower end system. It still looks good. But on a higher end PC, it is just a masterpiece to marvel at. Also, the HUD is quite different approach for an Age of Empires remake, but still good. it feels very good to use, and is more reminicient of the Age of Empires 3 HUD. Graphics earns a 10/10, Good on you Microsoft and Forgotten Empires, you’ve done an excellent job!

Another factor focused on in the trailers, this was done excellently! But i have a slight issue, where’s the music for the original game! I’m getting music from the expantion! Yes, it is very nice, but i love listening to “The Cradle of Civilisation” (on my spotify playlist actually) and i would like to hear it in the game. Overall, Sound scores a 9/10. I really wanted to hear that sweet, sweet sound of the orchastreated MUSIC 6 :wink:

Overall, i give Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, a 10/10. I absolutely love the remake. I reccomend it to anyone who has played any Age of Empires game.

All the tracks are in there I think, but I’m not sure how they order them. Wouldn’t be hard to make your own custom play list :slight_smile: