My past theard talk a lot Tower

last time i talk about tower is 11 February

i already said , tower is way too strong than devs thought
but , today after few months , u guys really try do nothing to fix this problem?

i feel so weird

even just a little change , add a min attack range , at least let people think about , you guys tried , and listien to players

but just nothing happen
and player count go lower and lower
those small things really impact player experience

yea , goodluck AOE4
if coh3 release or stormgate
this game might have big trouble

Countering Tower rush isn’t as hard as many people make it to be.

While I do not disagree something has to be done to discourage the huge favorability of tower rushing in 1v1 games.

I would like if they added Battering Rams in Dark age for your villagers.

Biggest mistake people do is the lack of scouting and vision.

If you can detect villagers heading towards you early enough, you can easily counter the tower rush.

And I’ve made a list on the many ways one can prevent Tower and even BBQ rush for different Civs.

However, if you find it challanging to micro your scout enough to keep visuals on the opponent.

Then you can pre-emptivly assume they are going to tower rush you:

If they are English, Mongol or Chinese, it is almost guarantee’d you get Towerrushed.

Preemptivly build defensive towers.

in the opening of the game, set a Villager to Stone.
And put a few extra on wood in the beginning.

I personally like opening with 1 vill on stone 3 on wood and 2 on food, Rallying all new vill on food until I get 8. Then rally 4 new to Gold.

After getting house and nescessary buildings, I always first build a Foreward Tower, then secure exposed resources with towers.

Once I hit feudal I always go for Textiles.

With the help of vision from towers and scouts, whenever I see a villager going to set up a tower, I pull all my villagers to immidietly siege their tower, before they have chanse to finish it, and because my villagers have Textiles upgraded, their spearmen dosn’t hurt villagers.

Upgrade my towers with arrow slits and I should be pretty safe from any tower rush. They might still rush me with towers, but they are unable to position their towers in any way to cripple my econ.

If I play Mongol or Rus, I always make early stables and around 10 Scouts, I use these scouts to specifically counter any tower and rush any battering rams.
My early feudal army usually always consist of Scout-Archers.
With this you are pretty immune against tower rushing.

Why scouts and not horsemen? because scouts are cheap and easy to mass. The key to counter-siege is to mass melee units. Scouts are also rather tanky and self heal + provides extra vision range.
In later game they become valuable assets for map controll.

Opponents who towerrush usually always sink more resources in to rush you, than you do to fend it off if you play it right.

I dont think the issue is not being able to counter them. But the issue is just how much the meta has been heavily switching towards towers, specially offensive towers, with an increasing amount of civs using them a lot.
In a way it’s similar to siege spam problem, or other issues we had not too long ago, where outposts are spammable and it makes for a very unfun gameplay, and it forces players to play in a certain way.

But thats a core problem when people go to much into Meta plays.

People get so fixated on current meta and unable to think of alternatives. And then it enforces that “unfun” style of play simply because everyone goes for cookie cutter builds rather than trying out alternatives because we are all so competative.

Its one of the reasons i really do not enjoy ranked matches .

People are deathly afraid of trying out alternative strategies as they dont want to risk loosing.

Ive noticed in silver/gold because so many go either a towerrush or FC.

You can easily win as mongols by just Drushing them with scouts. Its almost sad if not alittle depressing.

Set up a tower in range of their TC and they cant do anything if you destroyed/denied their barracks/archery range.

But as i said. This style of “un fun” gameplay will always happen due to Meta and the herd of players mindlessly following it without second thought or to much fear of ruining their W/L ratio.
SiegeMeta was a thing. Now towermeta.

Soon people will be ranting on Scholar Meta and Early Knights meta.

No matter how you twist and turn it, youll be forced to into one or another Unfun play.

I personally despise going against french because i find their early knight rushes a un fun play.

But i just have to deal with it like anything else.