My Persians Nerf idea

Since the Persians will eventually get nerfed due to The Mountain Royals DlC. Here’s my suggestions remove halberdier and Plate Mail Armor, and squires. Pikemen can still be so somewhat useful, but this will cripple their infantry even more. Not only will they move slower. They will have a much harder time fighting infantry civs since they can’t make halbs in halb vs halb fights. In pikeman vs halbs they will lose. Slavs and Japanese halbs would be immensely difficult for them to deal with their own infantry.

This will allow civilizations with very strong halbs a good chance vs Persians. Byzantines Halbs despite missing Blast Furnace would be very cost effective. If not outright beat their pikeman. Halbs may be very difficult for the Persians to deal with on closed maps.

If somehow this makes the Persians too weak. Kamandaran archers cost 50 wood. Instead of 60, maybe. I don’t know.

This will barely affect them. They probably need ab eco rework

Just wait for the patch to come out so we can play with the new civ and see if they are really OP and in need of a nerf. It is too early to really draw conclusions.

I have seen these kind of threads more often for new / major revamped civ. Then people thought they are OP, but in practice they needed a buff.


They absolutely needed a buff, I think ghat reverting the eco to how it was to early DE when they were the best civ overall and buffing them in many other places will just be too much


Lets just wait and see how it turns out. If their win rate is high, then we definitely get a nerf. Now it is just to early to draw that conclusion.

Not recently, go and check how many threads existed asking to buff Poles and Gurjaras with people thinking those were wayy too weak civs, but it turned up that both were insanely overpowered and both received multiple nerfs.

Persians were overpowered with just the 5% workarte in dark age on hybrid maps, guess what will happen with that back and all the other changes, especially the Savar (That will make Persians totally OP on any land map TG by far).

Slavs are also in the same way, guess why the 15% faster working farmers was reduced to 10% at DE release (pre DE Slavs had 58% WR), now guess what will happen with that bonus restored to that value + all other buffs made to the Slavs?..


Not to be rude, but I honestly find it slightly comical that new Persians aren’t even out yet and people are already talking about nerfing them. Let’s give some time to see how it pans out, and the devs can tweak later after we see everything in practice.


Removing Squires & Pikes is too big a nerf for any defense vs FC knights, though maaybe they could lose Halberds. But issue then is Persians have no viable meatshield in trash fights at all.

Imo more balanced for Persians to lose Elite Skirmisher, they don’t have Bracer anyway & still have full Hussars to counter enemy skirms in trash wars. Lots of Civs don’t get Halbs, but only Turks miss E.Skirms.

But most crucially Persia needs the ‘Central Asian’ architecture.

On the poll thread for that someone who apparently has contact with the devs mentioned they’d bring it up to them directly, so there’s that.


Hussars? 20 characters

Obviously they melt to pikes in large post-imp fights

yeah it’s funny that we see nerf requests for not even applied changes 11

And i don’ like themeither.

I think the biggest concern about the new Persians is how they will perform on maps they are already good on, like bascially all hybrid map types.
So IF I would try to preemtively target that, I would actually reduce their starting ressources, especiaally the wood that allows for earlier dock placement.

I will say that civs that have good camels usually don’t get halbs. Persian camels aren’t special but they’re FU backed by a good boom so maybe. Not a bad place to start