My post disappeared

I wrote a post that i consider very important, and i took the time to write it in english (my second lenguage) as in spanish.
It was regarding the map selection system in AoE 2 DE ( Map selection real problem AOE2 DE ) , the problem happens when i go to the insiders latest topics and it doesnt appears, even though some people replied to it and has only 8hs sience last activity.
Isnt in my knowledge if it is a recurring problem or if i made a mistake adding some additional tags. I would appreciate if someone could give my a hand and needless to say, if could check that post.


The post im addressing has 21 replies and 151 views and i m still sufering of the same problem.

Has been 6 days since this topic and 4 since last activity in the post i addressed. It went 1 week without appearing in the insiders latest topics and i m concerned because it doesnt give people the opportunity to join into the matter, it would be great to have any type of answer.
Its just me that cant see it? It went to other category? Is a website problem?

The image shows that the last activity on the post was 4 days ago and how in that timeline seems to vanish.

Nah it’s there in the report a bug section.

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Hi @MarianoHM9814, The #insiders category is for speculation on the future of the Age franchise. The #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs category is for reporting issues specific to Age of Empires II: DE as you reported. There is nothing in place preventing other forum users from commenting on your bug report. If there is any other way I can be of help, please let me know.

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I was promoted and now can see the edits, It seems that in the moment that i changed the title, you @RadiatingBlade realised in which category it belonged, thats why i didnt know how it disappeared from the insiders category. Thank you for taking care of that, althought it would be nice that the authors had an especial notification when a important edit is made in their topics

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