My praise and suggestion on the game!

Hello there,

I’m here to talk of my pov about the game, the pros and cons.

This is personnal, I am a good average RTS player, I play aoe II and many other titles.

I playe ~30 hours from the game, including insider beta and technical stress test. I played essentially Rus, Chineses, mongols and abassid.

Let’s go:



  • Asymetrical civs are great. They all have different feels and concept and this is exellent.
  • Neutral market and more golds earning mechanics: This is really good, no more 1vs1 trash war as in aoe II, this is really great ! I like the innovative way you found with different civs tho (imperial officers, hunt cabins, etc…)
  • Real stone walls with mounted archer: I love it, this can give pretty epic-like sieges battles in online !
  • Baseline ballistics: Oh yeah
  • Landmarks to age up: This is great, and I think a lot of people will have fun crushing the maths for BO in the future (hello SotL :D)
  • Easier economy management: EDArk age reqsuire far less micro for BO than aoe II. The focus on scouting is really nice.
  • Unit cost: Most units costs food, this is a great change compared to aoe II (I always found that eco management in aoe II is easier for archer civs since they have less farms to make)
  • No decay on forage food: Please, keep it that way, I love it
  • New win conditions: landmarks and sacred site is nice. Wonder cost a bit high but fair I think
  • New scout mechanic: Really love It, but please, make the caracass carrying less costly and shift queuable
  • Reworked water Rock Paper Scissor: Not bad but unbalanced atm.
  • Mass conversion: So orgasmic when you manage to pull one up !
  • Grass hiding: Very nice to set ambushed in !
  • Special abilities: We need more ! They are so cool.
  • I like the random maps on matchmaking ! No more Arabia/Arena duality taking 90% of games :slight_smile:


  • Water unbalanced: Just look at Franks and Rus. One have ballista ships one age earlier, the other has none, and no cannon ships :slight_smile:
  • No monk unit conversion outside abassid with unique tech, I will miss it =(
  • Units versus siege: I think that the starting animation of melee units against siege is too long.
  • Bombards: Massive amounts of them can be game breaking
  • Impossible in some case to patch a hole in a woodline overchop: That 1 tile gap can end games
  • Hotkeys: Goto/Select all Range/stables/etc is a must have, and we need it on the TC too.
  • Hotkeys 2: We need more customization, for me, attack ground on q (a for qwerty keyboards) is a no.
  • Patrol, protect and stances: I really need them back, especially, being able to tell a Rus Warrior monk to stop go fighting random things when I capture a sacred site. Ok there is stand ground, but I can’t just send him and put him in no fighting stance ?
  • Hill bonus not very clear
  • Random civs =(


Oh sorry, this will be painful.


  • Resources per minute counter: A must have could be a option to display it without mouse over.
  • Ability to launch a lobby even if not anyone is ready: This is nice
  • GROUPS ! ■■■■ yeah.
  • Replay menu with stats <3


  • Chinese dynasty tooltip: Need to move it or we must be able to hide it.
  • Unit icons too similard: I swear, on the heat of battle, I can’t differenciate anything. I read or try to memorize units/techs location.
  • UI too big: Even on a 4k monitor
  • Minimap icons are big and hard to read: A big of skinning could be welcomes
  • Ping animation is too large on minimap: When I receive a ping, by the time I look at the minimap, it’s a giant ring. The cross in aoe II is precise and better.
  • Hotkeys…
  • Subbox hotkeys: This hell when you press a wrong hotkey, having to press escape twice really mess up with my flow and tilt me.
  • I miss the score display =(
  • Post match map examination =(

This is early to make some sane suggestions, however, I want to point out some.


I love the hunting mechanic, but the way it is implemented today is too easy couterable.

To be able to reach out the full bonus, you need to kill a lot of deer and at least 1 or 2 boars.

As people have quickly figured out, people rush their deers and kills them as soon as possible. thus preventing and important eco bonus.

So even while making a second scout early (with the tc, too long to get out via hunting cabin with build time) you will loose a lot of bounty.

I even did a game on BF with 2 scouts, I was unlucky in my search and ennemy were able to kill all deers before I go in.

This ask for a lot more micro than other civs, scouting time focused on hunting rather than finding sheep. If you fail, you fall behing in gold to age up and food because less sheeps. The risk/reward balance here is in defavor for Rus depending on the map

And to wrap it un, on archipelagos, not enough hunt at all.

Even if there is a landmark able to produce deers, the pace is so slow, this will be too long to catch up.


  • Start with 2 scouts or a hunting cabin pe made (no fan of this one, this will not address the issue on hunt lacking maps.)
  • Add a civ bonus that help scout or mark animals on the map
  • Add a sheep or deer generation on hunting cabin. ( The hunt and seek for bounty will be less rewarding )
  • Make the bounty acting when you consume the animal rather than killing it (or split it 50/50) - This could be interresting, especially with making more scout early to pick up ennemy dead deers.

I ■■■■■■■ LOVE the conversion mechanic on the ships. But lacking springwald AND cannon galion type ship make them so weak.

This make landing against fortified positions almost impossible for Rus.

maybe a boarding mechanic that make them able to convert ennemy cannon ships ?

They are fine, I really like em’, but some mechanics seems way too op.

Khan able to kill ennemy sheeps: This has to stop, really, if your scout encouter the khan, he can just click your ship, chase, and kill.
This is bad, espacially for rus where rus scouts will be more forward to hunt.

Cav archer with movement firing is really hard to punish early. maybe make horseman able to at least chase and hit them ?
They have more range and speed than abassid cav archer too, this is problematic.


Water OP
Knights OP
With too mutch eco bonus, I suspect a nerf really soon xD

This is it boys, I’m open to C&C and giving more informations if needed ! =)

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I don’t really see how the civ’s are asymmetrical. They have shares of uniqueness, but they are still a far cry from being properly asymmetric. More early game asymmetry would go a long way with this - heck even AOE3 starts seemed more varied.

I think he is being cynique…

But, to be sure, we need to protest.

The developper could think that every thing is fine, and we don’t want that.

  • Civilisation are literaly parallele line, whit no asymetry, what so ever!!!

  • Allow some damn units to operate the siege weapon and let players kill those siege operators, only afther that, you can ask your units to torch the siege weapon or steal it!!!

  • There is no balistique for the projectile, please had balistique insted of homing-folowing-unavoidable-balistic!!!

  • The priest can turn or kill enemy all at once? Wtf about game balance?

  • Let things decay, or people will start food poison their self, because they forgot that real food can decay.

  • Animate living being in buildings (Alias chiken/horse)

Allow some damn units to operate the siege weapon and let players kill those siege operators, only afther that, you can ask your units to torch the siege weapon or steal it!!!

This is a mechanic I love on company of heroes. This would be cool but could make siege more vulnerable.

Let things decay, or people will start food poison their self, because they forgot that real food can decay.

Even if it’s not realistic, I find it relaxing. Having to micro less the early eco and focus on scouts.

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