My room doesn't show up on immediately?

I find that when I host a game, I need to wait for a few minutes before the game shows up on And the people will start to come at that moment. Is this because doesn’t update the room list in real-time, or my room actually can’t be seen by any other people in the first few minutes?

This is from the website:

Accordingly, is just an unofficial third party tool that can only report what steam tells it.
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there is some delay (either by design or by force) when is using steam’s api calls to receive the lobby data.

An easy way to test whether or not your room can been seen by other people in the first few minutes, is to create a lobby, and then ask a friend if they can see it in the lobby browser. If they cannot, then there may be a problem or you may have a slower internet connection (you could also try hosting on a different server to see if the results are any different).

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