My suggestions for AoE franchise's skrimisher mode more intresting (this topic may be subject for further editing)

  1. Control groups are best thing ever in this whole AoE franchise. I will further suggest AoE team to include an option in this game where we can create a ‘operation’ or a ‘mission’ by naming it. For this there must be an ‘operation’ box feature where we first name the operation then includes selected amount of troops included in the box as they are tasked for this operation. This operation must be attached to numerical control groups. So that if we press ‘1’ the entire operation and the troops assigned for that operation gets selected. The name of the ‘operation’ must be shown over the the troops that we had selected.

  2. Concept Generals, Commanders, their ranks abilities must also needs to be included in the AoE franchise.

  3. Weaponary Specifications, types, upgrade features. There must be an at least some kind weaponary diversifications AoE franchise Like the concept of gun smith. Plus soldier specifications.

  4. More customizable features e.g. map generation and addition of realistic tribal historical settlements, all to be done randomly.

  5. Automatic scouting, patrolling commands by each units.

  6. Task bar of events in the game while playing where players are able to know diplomatic, trade, military, economic affairs. Then statistical data of no. of economic infastructures, idle citizens and military units we have.

  1. The game has all of this already.
  2. Not needed.
  3. Never make AOE a C&C or SC clone. They have RoN for that.


Please leave comments for this topic below. You are most welcome to add on your suggestions for what I may have missed.


No dude AoE future needs more customizable features. Like map generation and addition of historical settlements randomly.


I’m not against customization or more control over the map generation, but that’s totally different from what you are describing. Which doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to suggest all of this. So please keep your suggestions coming.


Lime Ron ande EE2 (?)