My suggestions for HRE landmark rework and other changes

These are my thoughts on making the HRE gameplay less linear(predictable), less reliant on relics and more interesting:

  1. Regnitz Cathedral rework: acts as a monastary, increase gold generated from relics in all buildings by 100%.

  2. Burgrave Palace rework: can produce light infantry with +3/+3 armor at +20 gold cost and these units will also move 10% slower. Light infantry units around this landmark can also be individually upgraded with 20 gold and 10 seconds of time being unable to move or attack. These high armor and slower units can be converted back to normal units at no cost but they will needs to stand still doing nothing for 10 seconds.

  3. Palace of Swabia change: produce villagers at 50% cost and 50% time, but can also produce prelates at 50% cost and 50% time.

  4. Elzbach Palace rework: inspire all military units in its influence and automatically research the inspired warrior tech when built if it’s not already researched.

  5. Benediction rework: make inspired economic units move faster so late game HRE can place prelates along the trade route to have another way to boost gold income, this compensate the Regnitz Cathedral changes.

  6. Prelate martyr ability: prelates inspire all units around them when they die, this will make the inspired warrior tech more useful.

  7. Landsknecht change: increase both the food cost and base health by 40 so enemy will want to focus them down with archers instead of them being vaporized with a few mangonel shots.