My teammate disconnected, so I resigned -> got matchmaking timeout

or should I have just played 2 v 1

For now, I’d recommend practicing your build order or men-at-arms rush. I believe you can resign after five minutes without penalty.

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The main issue is that you are describing it like if it was a bug, no boy, this is working as intended no one can leave before min 5 or else dodging will be easier, you gotta understand the sacrifices the devs went tru to decide to punish arbitrary by whatever reason anyone leaving before min 5.

The punishment patch has been one of the worst decision taken by the devs, but we are not getting anywhere discussing it here, cause there are single players and very low elo legend who will defend that decision to dead, meanwhile the number of the active players have decayed a lot, even queuing for only test purposes i have never got a fair match after the punishment patch, i don’t see players sticking to the game in the short and long term.

Give the developers a chance. They stated: “This is being deployed for the first time in this Update and we’ll be monitoring activity and feedback to see where adjustments may be needed.”

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Well what if I told you that a Forgotten Empires Dev is also describing it as a bug? 11

I see the reasoning in your statement, but they are communicating, that this behaviour is a bug, which they track. This copy+paste+hope-the-bug-reporter-shuts-up communication is the reason I have stopped reporting any bugs… It is pretty sad what this forum became


Hi guys!

I confirm you that this is not intended. We are already tracking this issue ( ◞・౪・)◞


No matter how you want to label it these are the consequences of a system that has been established deliberately. Maybe the devs couldn’t foresee these but the problems that are arising now are bc of how the punishment ban is designed.

Sure you can introduce new exceptions mechanisms (like ban doesn’t happen if onaother player left the game). But this adresses only one of several instances. Like players going afk until min 5 min or bans when games crashed won’t be solved this way.

Just get creative. Practice quick walls or so. I ended up laming one or both of my boars and lure them into my opponents tc. But yeah apart from stuff like that or going afk yourself there isn’t anything you can do unless you wanna try 2v1.

It is not about labelling. We can label it however we want…

I agree, while you have to mention that in any ban related topic there where people pointing these problems out…
As well as we have to talk about the reaction to the bug report I have linked: It seems this behaviour was not intended, or the “we are tracking now” message is just a nice way to say “stfu”. Either way: this system is a problem