My thoughts about mechanics

I really liked that the developers were very right about such clumsy things as slinging deer. I really liked the mechanics of the charge, the sharpened stakes from the archers or the battle on the walls. But there are things that I saw or I have guesses. Of course, the appeal of a whole crowd of units to one relic and the possible presence of skills among the heroes looks pretentious and beautiful, but I sincerely would not want the Age of Empires to turn into a kind of Warcraft. I want to see a neat realistic game of becoming from the beginnings of a feudal system with feudal skirmishes into imperial epic battles with light cavalry running into the economy and a wall-to-wall battle.
Don’t be rude Im just a russian guy playuing this game since 2003 and slightly know english, Kekw :innocent:

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realistic? You think real life went like that?

If you mean Age2 and realistic, then, not even close. Age2 is more like a goofy medieval themed game than anything close to realistic. When you think about how the game is played, people using houses, markets, blacksmiths as their city walls, farming happening right in the middle of town instead of outside the walls, buildings staying on fire throughout ages without a problem, and the skirmishes themselves are ridiculous, no army would’ve sent out just a bunch of crossbows or just a bunch of heavily armoured horsemen with no auxilliary units.

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The only civilisations that has a hero like unit are the Mongols that have a Khan. And the Khan is a pure support unit that has less HP than a scout.

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We don’t know about the other four civilizations to be fair.

I think they said the Mongols are the only ones in an interview.
But judging but the fact that 3/4 have none it’s likely that most of the others don’t have one either, and if they have one it will also be a support unit.
Maybe an economy support unit like the pharaoh form AoM?

What is more realistic warcraft or aoe 2? If I say that the sky is blue, will you say that it is actually black, and the atmosphere makes it blue by attracting and changing the color? Ofcourse aoe 2 is not a real life but it is more close than other rts games.