My thoughts on Battle Royale

New Battle Royale mode seems nice and all but I think it’s still not there where weak player can play and can come out in top with trickery just like the way all shooting game Battle Royale is handled. I think some changes are still needed although it depends a lot on game dev’s skill and engine limitations.

  1. Battle Royale shouldn’t just remove the economy aspect of the game. Game should start like Nomad-like mod with Deathmatch level of resources. Trade Workshop should be a bonus instead of being the only economy source.
  2. Map size needs to be lot larger. Like super huge. Current size is just too short and the way it is handled only strong player can come out top. Like Giant map with 2x size.
  3. Shortening the map zone should happen with a timer and player must know when is the next zone gonna happen. There will be cooldown time ofcourse.
  4. Zone center radius should be complete random. Being center is very predictable and advantages goes to strongest player only in the game.
  5. Now it’s the controversial part. Increasing player number. It may not be possible due to engine limitation the game has. Game could try to bump up the player number let’s say 24? It’d be great if game manages to break the game limit.

Ya this in general, would be great for the game as a whole

Don’t think it’s possible or too much of work for a game update. AOE4 should definitely bump up the player number limitation.

The game already does not perform well for lower end PCs

24 players on a 1999 engine? Too much pressure

Unfortunate legacy game code for you. I really really wish AOE4 will solve this issue. Also I wonder why a 1999 game fails to run on a low end PCs

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AOE2 DE is a remaster, so I’m fine with it having those limitations, as long as it doesn’t get too annyoing

Also, 24 player is overkilling it

The game might take forever


Remake to be accurate. HD Edition was a remaster. Well we all know how that turned out.

Yeah true. Like I said this is the controversial part. But I don’t think it might take that long with zoning system. Otherwise shooting game battle royale would’ve taken long time as well. Nonetheless this is more of a game code issue than the player limit itself. Game faces so many hiccups in 4v4 games

This is pretty much entire problem of Battle Royale now. You get a match with new player who bought game few days ago and tryhard who has 2k hours.


Millions of copies sold? And how is it a remake? New graphics. Gameplay remains the same. Sounds like a remaster to me

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If I’m complete honest I would say King Of The Hill is much better Battle Royale than this game mode. New player still can do something at the last moment.

HD was a remaster of 1999 game. But 1999 still performed a lot better. Matter of fact official tournament used to be hosted with WololoKingdoms mod instead. Pathfinding and game performance was/is horrible compared to 1999 version. DE improved all that with Definitive Edition remake ofcourse and here we are.

aoe2 matches should be playable with more than 8 players.

I’d say BR is the most fun gamemode to watch as of yet, with the direct action, time limit, and automatic economy.
Probably not as fun to play though, looks very hectic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

AND if T90 won the tournament, vs all the pros, anyone can win.

Granted he did come prepared…

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Nerf stronger players!
Let weaker players win!

Sorry, mate, increasing map size or whatever you want to do is not going to help weaker players (in fact I think it would do the opposite).
If you want to buff weaker players (which I don’t think is good) you need to introduce more random elements, which helps players a lot, but are not related to their skill. Like finding free units/ressources, which are randomly spread around the map. Have a 1% chance to start the game with a cobra car. Things like that. I don’t think that would be good though, because it would make the game a lot more frustrating after the first 2-3 rounds where that kind of stuff is fun.
The way to win is getting better, not nerfing good player :wink:

EDIT: And as @Parthnan said: T90 won vs pros. There’s certainly more room for weaker players to win already. But stronger players will (obviously) always have an edge in some way.



HD used a different engine -> remake
DE uses the upgraded 1999 engine -> remaster

There’s a reason the AoC saves didn’t work on HD, but work on DE


Although keep in mind any gamemode that does that too much, will fade into mist, by it being too random, kiddish or cheesy and not being endorsed by the pros who have built the AOE2 following.

BR seems to be the right mix of randomness and skill.

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Yeah, that was meant to have some irony :wink:

Totally agree. Some randomness can be fun, but it surely shouldn’t be too much. Especially not for a game like AoE2

When you queue solo for Battle Royale, is there a chance you queue against a stacked/premade party? If it is, that is very frustrating for solo players like me. All of them will gang up against the solo players before they turn against one another. Yes, I’m referring to strictly solo matchmaking option for Battle Royale so no prejudices occur as mentioned above.

I tried to create a party in BR, but I couldn’t

Seems you can’t create a party for that exact reason

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You mean camping and waiting for other players to do all the work? If anything it sounds better that it’s not possible in AoE2, since you know, we can see everything from above.

It’s already quite big. When I played online the average exploration of the map players had was like 25%. After all defending your bases is more important than worrying how things are going on the other side of the map.

It’s continuous enough that we don’t need it imo.

And how is it supposed to be made? Someone’s base gonna be randomly eaten first because why not? Also randomness doesn’t really help noobs, if anything they will have even less of a chance against it.

The number one reason I will never ever touch Fortnite is because I don’t feel like even trying in a game that pits me against so many player which means the odds of winning or even having a reasonable score and feel like I at least got to play the game is way too slim. 8 players is already quite a lot when you think about it.

And then the noob proceeds to run it in the enemy army without firing while the pro use it to win the game 11 That’s why I feel like randomness would buff the better players as they would know to seize the opportunity.

THIS. RIGHT THERE. As an avid TF2 player that got my fair share of random crit bullcrap I know oh very well that game winning randomness is not much fun, on top of advantaging pros and teaching bad habits to noobs.

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