My thoughts on the August 3, 2021 update

First of all, this update I am very pleased with: the addition of 2 new civs, Poles and Bohemians, and new maps are awesome. The fixes to bugs are also very much appreciated.

Now…the “modifications” to civs I find a bit more disturbing. Most of the changes here I think are fine and in even some cases justified …but there are three changes I absolutely disapprove of:

(1) The change of the Sicilian team bonus
This now makes the Sicilian bonus a small-time deal. While, yes, I can see where the devs are going with this: they want to encourage more early rushing on water maps, I do not think that having the bonus apply only to the FIRST transport is miniscule. I would rather prefer if the bonus can apply in the late-game as well as boost early-game aggression, such as “The first transport is free and all transports are created 100% faster”

(2) The new Imperial AGe tech for Sicilians: Hauberk
Scutage was a bit overpowered, I must say. So changing it with something else less “power-spike”-like was a good call. However, I am disappointed in the missed opportunity to make the tech that only benefits the Sicilian Knight-line, benefit other unit such as the Sicilian Milita-line. Why not make Sicilian Champions improved a bit? I have nothing against Knights, Cavaliers, or Paladins, other than I think that that unit type is given too many various bonuses throughout many of the other civilizations. On a historical note, Sicilian Norman infantrymen would have also been equipped with the hauberk, not just mounted units! You could also consider the Militia-line representing dismounted Knights, as it was common procedure for medieval commanders to make their knights dismount for more control over them or to prepare for siege assaults.

(3) Byzantine Townwatch bonus being modified

Why would this change happen? It was fine before with Town Watch being automatically free when reaching Feudal Age as Byzantines. Making the players have to now click on the tech though it is “free and researches instantly” only makes the player a bit more distracted. This is especially not good for beginner players. I fail to see why this change even had to happen in the first place, since Byzantines civ are pretty stable in win-rates and is a very “fair” and medium civ to play.

(On a side note: I would argue the same for Goths have Loom free but “needing to be clicked on”. Just make the darn tech free and automatically researched if it is free!)
NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that it is Town Patrol and not Town Watch that is affected, and that the Byzantines have actually been buffed. Therefore, I retract my statement for point (2), though I still want to point out that I still think that it is foolish for the devs to make a tech “free and instantly research if you click on it” when they can simply have the tech be just “instantly researched upon reaching the Age it is located in”. If they keep this up, they are likely going to make the Turk civ’s free Chemisty bonus now having to be clicked on once you hit Imperial Age.

Now enough me rambling…I want to know what you all think about the August 3rd update? Do you general agree or disagree with it? What were your most favorite changes? Your least favorite? Etc etc…

Now discuss.

I think point (1) is an interesting change, though the landing will perhaps be a bit too telegraphed. This could make the Sicilians viable on Islands, though, and even compatible with Italians and Portuguese, as they can shift the focus of the game towards land combat on their opponents island. Overall I like it.

You are misinterpreting point (2). Byzantines get a strict buff of free Town Patrol on addition to their already free Town Watch.

I completely agree with you on point (3). There are already so many good cavalry civilizations! I don’t understand why the UT does not improve Sicilian infantry.

Also, I would have liked for the Cumans to receive a buff that makes their Feudal Age siege more viable, so that they have a Feudal boom and a Feudal siege push both as situationally viable options. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, but at least their flush got buffed overall, which is nice as they can now choose to play without their second Feudal TC and still get some bonuses.


Ahhhh…I missed that. I do occasionally get “Town Watch” and “Town Patrol” mixed up. :rofl: At a glance, they are nearly identical in wording.

Very well…I retract my (2) point. I now completely approve of the buff to Byzantines.

Indeed. I breathed a sigh of relieve that the Polish UU was going to be infantry and not cavalry, because, as much as I love cavalry (I have been around horses all my life, and been always reading on the history books of famous cavalry charges and manuevers) the infantry need some love in this game. Having the Hauberk tech extend to Sicilian infantry would be very welcome, even if it were just one unit like the Champion or the Halberdier.


It broke my favorite mod - transparent UI. :frowning_face:

Scrutage more OP than hauberk? How can a knight that takes less bonus damage and now also have more MA and PA than a paladin not being OP?

Scrutage may get you a powerspike, but at least it was a one time boost, and you need perfect timing to use it at best.

This is a bad TB as before, since it take out all skills needed. Before it was because the TS were indestructible, now it’s because you don’t need to plan ahead for that ships.

Just give them an insane buff on their TS line of sight, so at least you have a considerable advantage, but also you need to pay attention to use it.

The change affects TW too? I thought it just added TP.


(1) is probably the worst. It makes pretty much every water map aids…I think they will jump with this+their stone easily to s tier on maps like nomade. This bonus is uncreative as f…

(2) Scutage was overpowered? This tech is way stronger than scutage…scutage was pretty weak imo^^

OP missinterpreted the balance changes. They have town watch and town patrol for free

Ah ok, thanks, I still have to try the new DLC since I’m on vacation, so I don’t know for certain.

To each his own.

I for one felt like it was a tad bit overpowered, especially as you could make a bunch of trash units in the late game, then research Scutage, and therefore get gold from units you did not spent a single gold coin on to train. May give you a boost in team games, but most certainly a significant boost in 1v1s playing as Sicilians.