My views on 1v1 game

Hi to everyone, I am new to the forum, so be kind to me.

Seriously, here are my thoughts about 1v1 games; they aren’t pleasant.

The idea of 1 vs 1 I believe is for practice mostly. However, I find most players tend to rush to victory. I like to define and encourage “Courteous duel”. A Courteous duel is one which allows your opponent to grow to such an extent that he/she is likely to counter your attack instead of just being a sitting duck ready to get killed.

Over hundred of times 1 vs 1 game ended within 15 minutes like denial of resources, scout spam, archers rush, tower rush…to name a few. What is the point on the other side: playing a game and end it within 15 minutes seeing the opponents helplessly waiting to get slaughtered. I once met a player who courteously withdrew. I also saw some recorded games that each side play to their strengths while leaving some room for the other side to fight back.

That’s why I never like 1 vs 1 games.

You can always play with the treaty option on; however team games may be your calling. :smiley: