My vils are invisivble and tiny when the work

my vils are invisivble and tiny when the work not all my scout too

Could you provide more info on that issue (game version, platform, screenshots)??

I deinstalled the game and reinstalled it now i got no space how can i del the old files complete with the 4k HD pack bevore i got 15gb left now only 5 and the texture pack is not installed i dont deinstalled the 4k pack only the game wtf is this ■■■■ game! so i lost 40gb disc space! How can i delete the old file from the enhanced graphic pack because 25gb is not approved on my disc!

Just look after Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Enhanced Graphics Pack on the store and click to unninstall.

Anyway, regardless of unninstalling or not the UHD, I strongly suggest you to free more disk space on your drive, the amount you said to have even before is rather low, and this may start to impact on your general PC performance.

is it deinstalled in windows store! ON MY PC STILL MISSING 25GB DISK SPACE FROM THE ■■■■■■■ ENHANCED GRAPHIC PACK!

Did you make sure to unninstall the DLC separately or just unninstalled the game alone?

i only deinstalled the game reinstalled it and now the enhanced graphic pack cant be enabled ingame and in ms store is says is not installed

I can’t help you with precise directions since I don’t have acces to a PC right now, but you should dig after the installation directory of the game and manually delete the UHD folders. It may require you to unninstall the game again, thought. Other suggestion I have is to move the game to another partition and look for the UHD alone in the older partition.

Hey, I know you’re frustrated with your issue, but I am just trying to help. Mind your tone when talking to me please, let’s stay somewhat polite.

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pls can you teamviewer pls