My wish list for changes/new features

Hello, some suggestions how to make game better:

  1. Deck codes.
    Cards and homecity shipments are the key of the AoE3 game, but the current best way of sharing them is screenshoting. Having the way of creating a code, that we would be able to copy and paste to share deck (like it’s in Hearthstone) would be great.
  2. Buildings grid.
    Switching between civs its painfull, because for one barracs are binded to D, for others with unique building barracs are under F. And the true pain comes, when playing asian civs, moving everything to the row below. Please let us customize grids.
  3. Snare.
    It’s in the game since the beginning, some people like it. Some people don’t. Only thing I don’t like is snaring the entire group, instead of the attacked unit.
  4. Server-side replay system.
    When playing online matchmaking games, there should be a replay system, that register it from server side. Why is that important? Because when the game crashes, the replay-file gets corrupted and you can’t check what was the cause.

For now that’s all. Hope to see all (or atleast some of them) in the future. And also thanks for amazing new content comming with mexican dlc


Why can’t we change the name of decks and the relative position between them? Everytime I have to delete and reconstruct them.


Idk, I like the snare mechanic as is tbh.

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Changing snare would fundamentally change how the game is played. Melee units like Hussars and Pikemen would be far worse than they are currently. You might as well not have snare at that point. You can currently sacrifice individual units so the group can get away, but by default, it punishes poor positioning, which is good.