My wish list

Now that the devs came up with a big update for aoe2 de , I think it’s a good time to make a wish list for aoe de hopefully we get our wishes fulfilled soon

Here we go :slight_smile:

  1. At the top of the list is improving the performance of the game especially for dm and high pop games

  2. Fix the elo rankings, make it simple, It should be an option inside the lobby to select ranked or unranked for any number of players, I personally prefer one elo for rm ( single or team game ) and one for dm .

  3. Better spectating options , more slots for spectators , spectators can watch running games just like Aoe2 de

  4. Fix the slinger, it’s been discussed a lot , but the more I think about it , I think the real issue is having the added attack and range in tool age, so the easy way to fix it is
    a. Remove the attack and range increase from stone mining , or
    b. Move the stone mining upgrade to bronze , or
    c. Keep stone mining in tool but without any effects on slinger, and make a separate upgrade in bronze to improved slinger with +1 attack and range, and a small pump in hp, tool slinger bonus vs mounted archers should then go back to +2 , the improved slinger should have the +4.
    In addition the slinger should lose the attack bonus vs walls and towers.

  5. I wish walls were available sooner, like as soon as you click tool it’s available.

  6. I like what they did to cavs in de with the pierce armor, I think they should do the same to infantry, like remove the shield upgrades and make the pierce armor built in, short swords +1, broads +2, long swords and legions +3, hoplites +2, phalanx +3, centurions (+3 or +4 I don’t know) and reduce Macedonian pierce armor by 1.

  7. I think cavalry should be faster than now, should be faster than camels and chariots , how about make all cavalry and horse archers the speed at 2.5, camels at 2.2 , chariots at 2.0 ? With the added speed cavs should do much better against ca’s.

  8. I wish farming upgrades increase the farming rate anywhere from 10-20% each.

  9. I feel like villagers with wheel are too fast currently, I read somewhere that their speed is 1.8 which is too much imho and makes it really hard for melee units to kill them, 1.5 I think sounds more reasonable.

  10. I feel like towers should be buffed a little, but I don’t know how nerfing slingers would affect them early in the game, maybe a small pump in hp and LoS.

This is what came to my mind at the moment, might add more to the list later :slight_smile:


They are good suggestions. But I don’t agree with 5, 6 and 7.
I think it is good that making walls or towers has a prerequisite, cheap and fast development.
As for the piercing armor it is exaggerated. I think that with +1 for the whole swordsman line, and +1 for the whole hoplite line would be more than enough. It would be a mistake to remove the shield improvements and make them automatic, since these are one of the things that differentiate civs.
I think that camels should not be slower than horses, since their only function is to fight against horses, and if they escape the unit loses all utility.

Everything else seems right to me.

Other things that should be taken into account, are all those incomplete things, for example the upgrade icons, they still have the pixelated draw of the original game. The cheat units still have the original game model and have no icon. Armored Elephants still have broken animation. They promised the Flare function and never added it.
… And so the list of the incomplete continues.

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