My wishlist and feature requests ❤️

Hi. I love the game and it’s been a complete journey for me to play it since day one. I’ve already played the original when I was a kid, but experiencing the Definitive Edition after 10+ years is just another whole new thing and I couldn’t be more grateful!
However, I feel like there are some features that are missing currently and I think would greatly improve the game. From quality of life options, to some gameplay additions as well. Here’s the list.

I’ve also made a topic here on the official forums sharing the bugs I’ve found and that other people have/had as well.

Thank you for your support, devs :slight_smile:


Don’t understand what you mean by this

you can already create gates separately.

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Oh daмn i didn’t notice you posted in the AoE1 category facepalms

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Added this feature to the list. It would be nice to have the playtime fixed.

Added this to the list since it came to my mind recently.

Added this since it’s a missing feature that would greatly benefit the game if added, and would remove the frustration involved in changing zoom levels. Feature inspired by what Jorchking said in this comment.

I edited this topic to include a brief introduction, a link to another topic involving bug-reporting, and removed my actual wishlist (although shared a link on Steam Forums including it) in case I cannot edit it anymore due to constraints/edition limits here.

Perhaps: add a checkbox in the Options screen: “Allow gates”. If it’s checked, player can build gates; if it’s not checked, gates are not allowed.


This is really nice. Also, a checkbox in custom and multiplayer games should be there too, indicating such feature.

Nice one! I think this suggestion alone needs its own topic :slight_smile:

we also need an option to disable right mouse click map scroll and the zoom in and out adjuster bar in the settings to make it fixed into a certain % just like in aoe2 de so we do not have to change zoom level everytime we start a game :frowning:


More options for secondary click when nothing’s selected would be nice. The zoom adjuster would also be a pretty useful thing to add indeed.

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Ah yes.

Some features already present in other age of empires (that wouldnt change the way aoe 1 is played):

  • Easy to drag military units option
  • Easier to see and to click units behind objects

Lobby upgrades:

  • ability to check multiplayer lobby once you are inside game room ( just like Age 2 DE and age 3)
  • ability to create private game with password
  • ability for host to turn on and off rated easily (today if you host a 4x4 rated, if there are 4 players in the room and you wanna play 2x2, you cant play, you must create a new room and all players join)
  • reduce numbers of rated ladders to 1x1 and Team Game only, rating system is pretty broken atm as well, some times you win and lose point or get no point at all.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes indeed, some features are polemical since they involve similarities with age of empires 2, though, ideally speaking, optional stuff is always welcome, no matter what it is.

This game could benefit from optional features, no doubt. Regarding gameplay or just graphically.

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