My wishlist for aoe 2

  1. Make a sound notification of the found game when you alt-tab.
    It’s not nice when you want to watch a stream or movie in full screen, but you have to watch the yellow light on the game icon.
  2. Fix lags in teamgames.
    Is it even possible? I understand that this game is on the old engine, but there is no desire and patience to play with such freezes.
  3. Fix laming
    When a Mongol steals your boar, the game is already over with an 80% chance. And this is really random. Your sheep and boar may be in the front, but your opponent’s animals may be in the back. I think this is dumb.
  4. Fix Eagle warrior in Dark Age.
    This unit just runs into a lumbercamp or a mill and can kill 2 villagers at once before loom. Nice. +1 attack and +5 hp in comparison with scout.
  5. Add hotkey “Select all lumbercamps/mills/mining camps”.
    I really need this to make upgrades without screen jumps.

That’s all for now. And I am also really looking forward to the fix with alt-f4 dodge of the games. it’s so annoying when you’re looking for a 4v4 game.

They should overall fix Eagle Warriors, not only Eagle Scout. Broken unit and probably one of the reason why at least two of the three Meso civs are so overpowered.

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There are hotkeys for this. If your normal hotkey to go to the next lumbercamp was ctrl-Z, select all lumbercamps is ctrl-shift-Z. You can change this in your settings under hotkeys you want.

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