Mystery lag?

Hi there,

I’ve been playing DE since launch and, since installing a wired broadband connection to my PC, have found online play generally smooth and responsive with very little lag. However, I’ve had a few people chat to me recently in ranked games claiming that I am lagging the game and/or that my connection is bad. I was pretty confused about this at first, but it seems to be due to the lil clock that appears next to my score in the bottom right which is often showing as yellow, where most other players are blue. I have a few questions about this:

  1. Is it possible that I am somehow causing lag for other players? I thought that since DE is hosted on MS servers, it was impossible for one player’s connection to influence another’s game - any issues with my internet would only impact me. Have I got this wrong?

  2. What does the clock icon colour actually indicate? I guess it’s meant to give you an idea of the quality of your connection, but when I run tests to check my internet connection outside the game it’s always excellent, with low double digit ping and decent speeds.

  3. Are there any probably causes for the yellow clock icon other than my actual internet connection? Could changing e.g. graphics settings fix this? I play with the enhanced graphics pack which runs fine on my end, but maybe it’s causing problems for the servers somehow?

I’m probably worrying about nothing, but just got out of a game where someone actually got quite abusive about it (after he lost obvs) and threatened to report me and get me banned. I don’t particularly want to provoke that kind of response, even if it is just some glitch that’s outside my control, and obviously if I am genuinely causing issues for other players I’d like to sort it out.

Any ideas?