Myth and history in El Cid Campeador's campaign

I’m AmissFish48986 and I think that El Cid’s campaign is awesome! As I’m doing an academic research about that Spanish hero, I’m looking for some information about the literary and historical sources used to create it. Does anyone knows who did that job and how to contact them? Please help :pray::pray:

Thank you!

You should read El Cantar de Mio Cid, is the most important book of El Cid.
The great Arturo Pérez-Reverte retrieves the figure of ‘El Cid’ for his new novel, ‘Sidi’ it will be released in september.

Menendez Pidal is the father of the philology spanish school and he gathered during his life about El Cid and others important characters.
I’m thinking he put the name of his children by the wife of El Cid, “Jimena” and by the writter Gonzalo de Berceo.
El Cid and Doña Jimena are buried in Burgos.

Thanks Abbendys! :smiley:

And do you know if the developers read other documents too? Because I noticed that some scenarios in the game are not directly related to the Cantar de mío Cid, and it seems that they are inspired by some legends created many years later.

I have no idea about what developers did x) sorry :P.
Here you have another thing.

Hahaha ok thanks anyway! I will read what you’ve sent to me :smiley:

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