Name and profile picture change when opponent is found in matchmaking

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34699.0 4580616
  • Platform Steam


Upon finding an opponent in ranked matchmaking, the name and picture changes to those of your opponent.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Enter matchmaking
  2. Wait in line until an opponent is found
  3. Notice how your name and picture may change to those of your opponent.

I played 3 games in this patch, and only happened once. In my other 7 or 8 games in other patches, i hadn’t found this issue.
Once it found my opponent, it showed my nick and pic like that:

some dude called Majestruen
I even did a shift+tab to check if it was something wrong in my Steam, just in case. Also helps to prove i didn’t change on purpose to mess around in the forum.

yup, i’m this beautiful
The next picture shows how it was supposed to appear in the matchmaking screen. My name, HerianB, and a man-at-arms picture.

Notice i changed the civilizations a bit, went as vikings in the end. I was trying to see if maybe i could change the civ of my opponent on purpose lol.
During the game i played with my correct name and the civilization i chose. Ended up losing, because i hate Team Island. But i hate nomad, black forest and megarandom more, so i didn’t ban it.

sorry if this was already reported, but please merge. The screenshots may help solving it

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