Name Mod

I dont know how to make mods. I dont have the time to learn to make mods. i dont know any programming language, im only familiar with making maps in easy map editors :frowning:
I would really love to see a mod where each of your units, even the siege engines, would have a name. A name like for england: John Smith, Richard Jones and stuff. Something like the stronghold series. Cause i see the age of empires franchise more romantically than compettively. I like to make up a story in my mind while im developing my city, and i want to know which soldier survived the battle and stuff. Especially if you could have a way to favorite any unit so a small star will always follow them over their head so you can see where he is, if he is getting any kills and eventually if he dies. So a name mod and a favorite unit mod would be great to be together so people who play the game like this can be more creative with the gams gameplay. I believe that it is not that hard to do that because there are many talented people out there and making such a mod cant be that hard. Thanks, cant wait for the next major update with civs and stuff. Have fun!