Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.32911.0 4395365)
  • Platform (Steam)


This won’t be easy to explain :joy:

Reproduction Steps:

  1. In the Options menu, go to the Hotkeys tab. Create a new hotkey page and name it “JACK”. Rename it to “jack”. Click the drop down menu. You’ll notice that instead of just 1 renamed hotkey page, you have 2 hotkey pages, one named “JACK” and one named “jack”. Trying to delete any of them doesn’t work! They both remain there. So I have a “JACK” page and a “jack” page, both identical. Let’s say I want to keep the “JACK” page and delete the “jack” page. I need to rename the unwanted “jack” page to something with different characters, so let’s say I rename it to “SAWYER”. Now I have a “JACK” and a “SAWYER” page. I delete “SAWYER”. It works! Now I only have a “JACK” page.
  2. There’s another strange thing that happens if you rename “JACK” to “SAWYER” and then “SAWYER” to “jack”. You end up with both “jack” and “JACK”, which leads me to believe that the “jack” page we so innovatively tried to delete is cached somewhere in both of its forms (“jack” and “JACK”), so it gets resurrected in all of its glorious duality. You could get creative and rename “JACK” to “KATE” and delete “KATE” and maybe then you just end up with just “jack”, but honestly it gets weird and messy in the end.
  3. I guess the TL;DR of this would be that the game doesn’t recognise caps as different characters when naming hotkey pages, and bugs out if you name pages with the same characters but different ones being capped each time.