Naming Landmark Town Centers

Hello Devs, I have one cool suggestion that might be new to AOE but can add value to the game. Why don’t you allow people to name their main Town Center (landmark), something like Rise of Nations. It is cool to see how player name their own town and make it special to them as the TC becomes their capital now. I understand this do exist already in the campaign mode, but I wish if it can be added to the multiplayer mode too.

You can create a pool of names unique to each civilization. The game will assign names randomly to each player at the beginning of the game based on the chosen civilization, and players can later change it to whatever name they wish to during the game. Names assigned or inserted are preferably be limited to alphabetical letters only and not numbers or symbols.

Hope we can see this feature implemented in the game. Thank you


I would also find it cool if you could even personalize your town centers per civilization by unlocking achievements.

But this would be more of a nice to have feature. At the moment there are certainly bigger and more important construction sites.

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