Native civilizations flag bugged

the lakota and haunds flag does not show in any of my buildings.

Can you post a screenshot?

Hello, thanks for expressing concern, but this is by design as these civilizations didn’t fly flags so the buildings display player colour flags for gameplay purposes.

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The way the current Haudenosaunee and Lakota flags look will always make them look unfinished, especially since they already have their own flags in the UI that do a good enough job at representing them.

A better solution: give the players the option to pick from a selection of flags that fit their civilization in the timeframe. Many of the flags currrently in the game don’t do a good enough job at representing their civilizations. Giving the player a choice to pick which style of flag they would prefer (even a solid player-colored one for those who want it) for the civ they’re currently playing would fit the game.