Naval and Siege.

Any chance of adding new naval ships into Age 1? Maybe adding a demolition ship and restructuring ship combat to be like Age 2?

I doubt it, I think that could change the game too much. But who knows?

Demolition Ships didn’t exist in AoE 1, far as i’m concerned it’s AoE 2 only feature, seeing something like this is like expecting AoE 4. Reconstructing ships AKA Repairing was in the AoE 1 how they will do it in remastered is something we’d have to look forward to. Naval Ship, well adding in new variation of ships would need a lot of time to balance, otherwise u’d have say catapult ships from Hitite be uber strong etc.

I don’t think new ships are necessarily needed. For more interesting naval gameplay a naval triangle could be built around triremes, fire galleys and catapult triremes.

To be fair I think naval combat was one of the better balanced aspects of the old game

In The Rise of Rome, the fire galley can beat catapult triremes and triremes, so it’s a better option for naval supremacy than triremes but it’s way more expensive (trireme cost wood only, while the fire galley costs gold as well) and it has almost no sea-land attack, so it lacks the general-purpose feature of the standard trirreme.

Maybe the mythology naval triangle can be implemented by increasing triremes’ attack bonus against fire galleys so that trireme beats fire galley, fire galley beats catapult trireme and catapult trireme beats normal trireme. Nevertheless, This might break the game for not all cultures can access to the catapult trireme, plus there’s no equivalent to it or to the fire galley in early ages.

Naval warfare in early ages.
In tool age, naval warfare is won by the player who produces more exploration galleys than the others, something AoE II HD edition solved by implementing fire galleys and demolition rafts in feudal age in a recent update. I think this is the path AoE Definitive Edition should follow. Besides, it might be a good idea to grant access to the transport ship since stone age, just like The Forgotten did in AoE II HD Edition’s Dark Age (for gameplay’s sake).

Ship-man scale
I think ships should be slightly bigger than what they currently are in AoE Definitive Edition for scale’s sake. I don’t think it worsens the gameplay.

I really cant speak much its been a while since i played it, but which ships are out there? birremes, trirremes, quatrirremes?

@Wolfstack said:
I really cant speak much its been a while since i played it, but which ships are out there? birremes, trirremes, quatrirremes?

There’s just triremes.

And, uhh, fire ships. Not sure if they’re good. There’s also catapult triremes which are fragile and expensive siege weapons.