Naval civ theory crafting

Theory crafting for a new naval civ (keeping in mind the already existing ideas):

Team bonus: Relics generate an equal amount of wood as they generate gold

Not huge on normal Land/Hybrid maps, but certainly noticeable, and definitely weaker than the equal Burgundian bonus. How do you think such a civ would fare on pure water maps like Islands where wood tends to run out.

UU: none of my concern since I cannot think of a viable Naval UU idea, so probably some land UU

UT1: Galley line shoots additonal projectile, which does approximately 33% damage, just like double crossbow does with scorpions

UT2: probably some land UT

Civ bonuses:

→ Fire Galleys cost -15%

→ Docks, TCs and Castles +1/+1 armor per age starting in Feudal Age (Castle Age if too strong)

→ placeholder land military bonus

→ Farms upgraded to plantations which cost wood continuously rather than having an upfront 60 wood cost; provide 2 food for every wood spent without upgrades, which increases by 30% with every upgrade (fits well with regular farm food amount increase with regular mill upgrades) [may also include fish traps with a similar reduced F:W efficiency]

Dock tech tree - probably complete, maybe drop Heavy Tatoh Ship

The nature of the civ is defensive and naval, kind of like Koreans. Placeholder land military bonus, UT2 and UU will be used to determine its nature on land. Since we already have had naval and defensive civ Koreans as Archer civ on land, I would like it to be an infantry one.

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read your title. i suggest delete this post and repost it

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Thanks for suggestion. Applied.