Naval gameplay balance?

Is this gameplay supose to be like that? maybe someone can explain me how play navl map.
Port give you 0 defense ?? why?

french are totaly Op because you can’t fight them in feodal, because theyr special boat is broken (1 boat destroy 2 abbasid “vougue” with update on the port heal aura…) is this supose to be balance?

Is the radius of exploding boat is supose to be like that ? I just play against a russian me et kill me “peon” on rock mine when he explode on the sea … not on the cost. On the see… 2 boat explode and kill a port? is this supose to be balance?

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Atm I don’t think most factions can beat the french navally.

The way i’ve beaten french players is expanding my bases early into the other islands and and then destroying their bases with landing parties.

Keep in mind that if the french player is investing too much in their navy their bases and land are left vulnerable.

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ALT + F4 - the best gameplay.
Even if they “patch” french.
Imagine u can play only archer in feudal for any civ, fight of archers. → soo boring → ALT+F4

Imagine buying a game and then hating it so much you Alt + F4 every game

Imagine missing the point in every topic. But thx for asking.

Water maps are sucks. W A T E R maps. not every map, but with maps with boats.

Why it’s bothering? Because Aoe2 patched twice since AoC. They added fireships and demos into feudal.
Imagine devs would check why they needed to add two types of ships into feudal in previous games, how awesome it would be. But… Age of Empires: Naval DLC are coming or someone just did poor job.

You aren’t addressing the topic at all.
All you are doing is resorting to complete pessimism without actually listing your thoughts.

Is this implying there is no fix? Or you just have given up on providing meaningful feedback?

Now this is a little more constructive. At least you are suggesting something.

Obviously French are going to get some nerfs.

Demo ships seem to be bugged at the moment. Their radius is wrong and apparently they sometimes seem to explode twice.

I don’t think the dock healing is necessarily a problem.

I think naval does need more work overall. I’d like to see broadside ships have their turning speed slowed down and have their firing arcs narrowed a bit. Then the smaller more maneuverable ships may have a reason to exist later in the game.

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It just looks like the balance team didn’t play many games on water, and the devs didn’t put too much attention on naval mechanics.
None of the art of war missions featured any water gameplay, leaving a lot of new ppl in the dark which will very likely ruin the experience for many new ppl, as most ppl are not even aware how strong early dock start is. The the campaings although they were awesome, there wasn’t a single naval battle and we couldn’t even make docks.
During the stress test my friends and I had a load of fun on naval maps because they felt balanced and things like micro and getting blacksmith upgrades had a lot of impact on how water was played, now everyone just dodges water maps because its all about who dances better with the ships!
They really need to move age2 hulk to age3 and add the galley for france as this will make things much more enjoyable for both parts!

My only problem with the current water balance is that the frech are too dominant.

I had the same idea but about damaged ships. Big ships should get weakened like this. While damaged small ships should get slightly more speed at the cost of reduced defense.

Dynamic stats like that sound very annoying to deal with. I think it would just be frustrating for people and not really make fights more interesting.