Naval rework next patch? Suggestions and ideas!

After seeing the last stream it seems that they will be focusing in doing some changes to naval units.
Firstly I am pretty happy that the devs recognised that naval combat is not in the best place right now and decided to address the issue.
I am making this thread so we can post suggestions and ideas that might be helpful for the upcomming patch in March.
For me one thing would be perhaps modifying or replacing the French with something else as the ship feels like it has no place in age2, it feels too strong at times, as it wrecks galleys and most arrow ships but at times it feels too akward to make them and weak, for example against the Rus.
I would like to see your opinions, suggestions and ideas on this thread!

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No sé cómo deberían arreglarse las batallas de barcos, pero para los muelles, una vez tuve la idea de que el primer muelle que construyeras debería ser especial, con el mismo tipo de ataque que tu CT vacía una vez que guarneces los barcos de pesca o añades una tecnología algo cara que añade un ataque de torre a tus muelles.

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I don’t think it will be next patch, I got the impression it was something they have planned for after the spring update.

However knowing they have completely removed water maps from quick match, and that they are aware the problem exists… I would imagine it will be more than just a few changes to a few civs such as the age 2 hulk and Rus early rush, but rather a complete rework!

It would only make sense to have a triangular counter system but I could also see a rework where ships are far and few between, being extremely costly but strong meaning naval battles could last a few minutes at a time with positioning of ships being very important!


My opinion I that AoE4 took a step backwards in terms of naval combat. AoE2 improved on AoE1. Ensemble Studio made a point to make naval more robust, and AoE3 had absolutely stunning naval battles, water graphics, and mechanics.

In an early dev interview, the devs from Relic made it sound like they wanted to get rid of naval altogether. The lackluster naval combat in AoE4 shows, and Relic may have been better off just focusing on land combat for AoE4. The naval mechanics also don’t feel intuitive.

You would think towers, keeps, and siege would be enough to protect your shoreline, and Imperial Age ships would counter static shore defenses. Instead, it’s whoever outmasses and outmicroes in Feudal Age that wins the water and the game.


Idk, I think naval has a lot of potential on this game. I remember having a lot of fun on water maps when the stress test came out. But then on the full game things changed once we had rus and french. Right now there are only 3 or 4 civs that are competitive on water which is no good.

Hmm, me gusta esa idea. Y justo a sonar como ese chico, Aportaré que los barcos extremadamente caros y las largas batallas navales son mucho más precisas desde el punto de vista histórico.


100% accuracy battle ships with different stats will never be balanced.

This is why projectile accuracy plays a huge part in balancing various powerful units in the game.


Your obsession with convincing me arrow accuracy means there is no micro or balance in the game is kind of becoming borderline stalking… why are you still on these forums? It’s becoming really creepy.

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There is little to almost no balance of water units.
That is why Relic does not feel comfortable and removed water maps lol…

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