Naval rework

Age of Pirates made a buildable sea fort so it’s definitely possible within the game engine, though it was built via a wagon. The AI can even use it.

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Ah sweet. I’d love to see the Devs give it go in an official capacity.


Me too.
Specially pathfinding
Is worse than land units!

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In the case of AI Players, I would like them to fix it so that they don’t get too obsessed with “unnecessarily increasing the number of Docks” and “Fishing”.

Even on Maps where there is a sea but not quite necessary, the current AI spends too many resources to construct Docks and Ships, and also creates the maximum number of Fishing Boats even though there are few fishing grounds left, so it tends to weaken seriously on the Naval Maps.

Fishing should be given a lower priority and Naval Warfare should be given a higher priority. Also, if the AI ​​cannot capture the seaside area, they should not force their way towards the beach instead of the enemy’s Base.

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