NDA's, leaks, and rules - oh my!

Hey guys!

With the beta going on, we just wanted to remind you of a couple things.

First, breaking your NDA and updating/sharing content can (and likely will!) result in you being removed from the beta. Don’t be that kid and make it so we can’t have nice things. Nice things are good. People like nice things. :slight_smile:

Next, if you are caught posting leaked content here on the forums, you run the risk of running into the wrong end of the banhammer.

We know you guys are excited and are looking forward to things but remember, not everyone snoops for their Christmas presents before Santa can deliver. There are people that legitimately like the surprise and “new” experience. Let’s not spoil that for them and let them have the experience they should get to have.

tl;dr - leaks are bad. Play nice and be good to each other. <3

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