Need an Age of Empires merch store fast!

I really want to support the newly formed The Age of Empires team by buying AOE branded t-shirts and remastered soundtrack CDs. In the same manner, this could be seen as cool memorabilia collection which we as fans can build. After all, the franchise has returned after so many years, and I would like to show them, that this time, Age mustn’t vanish, it is here to stay. Looking at their work so far in AOE 1 DE, & today in AOE 2 DE, I can’t feel anything but confidence in their future work. This store can help them get extra financial help, and hopefully we would get less paid content down the road, and have more people attracted this community and game since we will tell/show our stuff to other RTS fans. Nearly every other major game franchise have this type of store either via 3rd party, or through a direct store, so why shouldn’t Age too! It has all the rights, it is a classic whic has stood test of time.

So, would you like to have an Age Of Empires Merchandise Store where we can buy t-shirts, CDs, cups, posters, physical goodies, accessories and etc to support the devs.

  • Yeah!
  • Nay!

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Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to what my community thinks!


From a marketing point of view I would say; yes definitely.
From a personal point of view I would say; yes, but only if it’s CSR produced at a fair price.
From a intellectual point of view I woud say; no, stop wasting resources.


LOL, I agree on all three point of view. Especially the third one cracked me up. Have a good day friend!

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by the way, this doesn’t cut it:

It looks OK, but not iconic as the game.

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Well, finally it turned out as two times yes against one no. So I voted yes.

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Hehehe, nice one boss. (though I doubt this poll would even matter to MS)

From a Age of Empires Nerd point of view; if you add purchasable Indian T-pees and Village huts in order to redesign your gaming office,… let’s do it… because ofcourse… they would cost around maybe… $500…


LOL!! This is a complete out of the box point of view.

Yeah… I want to feel like its a real battle… when I go toe to toe with Eagle warriors… learn how to crawl through the grass and not die. because you being hunted down…

Only way to do this is to have purchasable realistic furniture…

It’s a teepee and I would love to have my gaming office in one of those.


Wait for the bugs :beetle:


I love bugs, all kinds of them. Especially that one you show. The Ladybug.
They are very effective against lice, they eat around 100 of them on one day.


Better lice than us :smiley:


Man this community is better than I thought…

Back when Age of Empires Online was active… the community forums were filled with angry gamers…

you guys are pretty nice… nicer than I thought.


Yeah that shirt needs way more stuff on it…

Its like a shadow or something…

What about 3 villagers around a campfire… with their hunting tools beside them, telling Ghost stories…

that would be neat…

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Thanks :blush:

That must have been an horrible game then when it had such an awful effect on people :smiley:

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No not really… it was the best game… they just got so dag gone bored it made them angry… so they stopped supporting the game because content wasn’t coming out fast enough and they didn’t feel like paying $20 for each additional bit of content… which is the same thing your paying with any other mmo… about $15 a month…

I would say yes, definitely! :slight_smile:

I could never put my hands in one of theese (i’d really like to!):

There was also this at a time:

Some guys are now selling the pins and shits from E3 on eBay! What a waste of merch given to them! :frowning: :rage:


Yes, it appears so

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I can make you jealous. I won the first two, tshirt, & cd, through WOLOLO Wednsdays, and bought the last one through ebay…huhuhuhu!
EDIT: Last one is a rare toy, not e3 freebie

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