Need builders to automatically build foundations given an Empire Wars start

The idea: I want to make a custom Empire Wars map where you start with some builders and foundations of buildings, for example walls, towers and houses, even a wonder?

The problem: If I use a dead unit chain to place building foundations, villagers do not auto task to it. I assume the auto task looks for those units before the dead unit chain activates, finds nothing and leaves the villager idle. I came to this conclusion because I used the same unit chain to test with forage bushes and they also were ignored by foragers.

The question: Do we have any unit that can be placed as a foundation directly in a random map script, or a method of doing so?

Tags: rms, rms2, empire wars

You’re probably better off asking in the Random Map Scripting Discord:

(Apologies if this kind of response seems passive-aggressive or something.)

I asked the RMS discord first. Btw, it is not possible, yet.

Reply from StepS (A MS employee, I believe) (UGC discord)

it’s not possible
since object spawning in rms is hardcoded to place fully built objects
the object foundation trigger in scenario just tells them to not be built when placed (edited)
perhaps some kind of a field which would tell the percentage of builtness could resolve this