Need for Civilization Alliance with X6 features

How many are most awaited for X6 version of Civilization Alliance? Please vote with an “Yes” for X6 version and “No” if not wanted

  • Yes, We want
  • No need
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Can anyone explain what OP is talking about? Apologies if this is one I could have just looked up, but I don’t think I’ll get any reasonable results.

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There are mods with 10 times shared unique techs. He wants one with only 6 times shared unique techs.

At least: this is my guess. It isnt that clear to me either.

No we got only X3 version now I need X6 version, These mods dont have 10x, even 10 x is most wanted. Civilization Alliance is a mod where we build wonder and get capitalists, for each capitalist we can pick one civ bonus X3 to join us, now I want X6 version. We can pick all 44 civs in a single game.

Its a very fun game :smiley:

I never heard about this mod. Probably not popular at all. If you want another version of the mod, then go to maker and ask him. It doesnt seem to be an mod made by the devs.

Popularity is very less, but our batch plays it daily, its fun against cheat AI.

Anyhow Thank you all! I have a found a way I m using this mod with the map “Mega Random 256X” it gives me more UT bonus. I need more maps like the “Mega Random 256X”. Once again thank you guys!