Need help at my wits end

I really enjoy the original Age II. It was working. I have a disc from Ubisoft. It was installed and I got hundreds of hours of enjoyable play time. Last week I bought an SSD. I installed it. Then I went to install the game. I have the patch 1.0c from Microsoft. It didn’t work.
I also have the original disc from Microsoft. I did not have the Conquerors. It just came in today. I installed both Microsoft discs. I ran the patch. It say that I don’t have the retail version installed. So I reinstalled the Microsoft version using a different directory. It still doesn’t work. I also have an AOC patch to run the game at 1080. I need some help with this as I bought the AOE DE and I really don’t like it. Plays take to long to come alive.
Thanks for reading this and I hope you have an idea as to how I can get back to playing.

Hi @MarkusAureliu1, Do you receive any errors when you launch the game? You may need to install DirectPlay from Windows Features under Legacy Components because it’s required for the game to run and it’s not installed by default in Windows 10.

I ran out of room for my name markus aurelius1. Anyways, I get a blank message box that pops. It has a red X and ok button but the rest is blank.

Have you checked to make sure that DirectPlay is installed?

I am on windows 10. I have directx12. This was never a problem before I replaced the drive.

Unless you cloned your drive onto the new SSD it may not have the required feature, DirectPlay, installed on your SSD. It may have been installed on your previous hard drive.

I think that I have a directx 9. Install that ?

DirectPlay is included with DirectX 9. Go ahead and try that. You may also need to install .NET 3.5 if it is not already installed. It’s another component of Windows 10 that is not installed by default.

ok. I installed DX9. Same thing. No retail version.

Does this topic on AoE Zone help you?

RadiatingBlade You are freaking awesome. I don’t ever say that to anyone. I downloaded the patch. It work better than what I have. I saved it in my downloads dir. You have given my morning coffee new life. Thank you so much. You have made me very happy.


Glad the topic helped you! :smiley:

You deserve to be :grin:

The only thing is that I need to leave the dvd in the player.