Need Help For a friend

hey guys my mate is having a issue playing this game online
never any issues untill after the new update he constantly has the yellow clock ig and red
in lobby even things like clicking tec tree he has lagg just trying to see menu things only strickly for online
offline everything is fast as normal
he score was 1218
pc specs
CPU: I7-9750H
RAM: 16GB 2600MHz
GPU: GTX1660Ti 6GB
any help or trouble shooting would be appreciated thank you

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have almost exact same pc specs and exact same issue you describe

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most people have this problem. but devs don’t give a attention. i can’t play tg for 2 weeks

The one important detail you left off is his networking specs.

Those play a huge part of whether or not someone is having lag issues in an online multiplayer game. The yellow & red clock is indicative of a networking issue on his end. Recommend looking at that before blaming the devs of a problem.

Hope that gives you some direction to help him fix his problem!

that isn’t a issue you he has done everything possible
have you seen viper and or top level players running back to old aoe versions cause they are getting constant lagg are you telling me its everyone at the same time having network issues that is such a dev answer
recommend actually looking at the amount of the same problems people are having before blaming the players
hope this gives you some direction to help fix this and help players out for a change!

Granted, it very well could be a problem the devs need to fix. However, you still haven’t shared his networking info; which, with the description you provided, does tend to affect things. It would help to eliminate all possibilities by listing all your specs instead of having to take your word for it that he has “done everything possible” - when he could be “doing everything possible” with a potato for a router :stuck_out_tongue: