Need help/guidance in improving menu mod

Hello I’ve recently published my first ever menu mod, Age of Empires - Mods - Age of Emperors

Thanks to keagen’s lonely conquistador, I’m inspired to do more but I’m still learning.

I want to ask fellow menu modders on how do you retain the background used for main menu for the rest of the other tabs such as the event challenges, etc.

I want the same background used above to be applied in these tabs as well,

Thanks in advance!

Are there no menu modders here? I really wanted to improve more with your help.


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Yes already did, still thank you. You and keagen are the two best Menu modders out there. The community is fortunate to have hardworking modders <3

I can’t even get my own image to replace the first menu. I can’t seem to get anything working. I saved the image in .jpg .dds and .png and placed them in the two designed directories, in a local mod, subscribed to it and it still isn’t working. I really want someone to help me. Thank you in advance!!