Need help


I need help with the age of empire III, I and my friend played years ago on our old PCs and now that we have new ones we do not have a way to install it since on your laptop it gives problems and my computer does not have a DVD player. The problem? That we have original but no way to install and play, we would play the pirate but we already have progress in the ESO, If someone knows of any launcher ORIGINAL no pirate would be grateful, greetings.


Best option would be getting the digital version on Steam when it’s on sale:


As @DemurerActor296 said, if you can wait for the next Steam sale, likely the Steam Autumn Sale about a month from now, you should be able to pick up AoE III Complete Collection for $10 USD or less. This is the cheapest option.

If you would like to play using your disc copy now, you’ll need to purchase an external USB DVD drive, since there is no DVD drive on your new PC.


I believe that AoE team must work for a release for a seperate AoE III online PC multiplayer expansion pack.


I don’t understand what you mean. The game is released online on Steam with all expansion packs included and has always had multiplayer.


Please I warned you about comment ideas in post about issues.