Need “hold position” button

Many units gain bonuses from not moving… those units move after every shot! Archers are better about standing ground to the death then most gunners. Thats an ai issue i brought up in another post. But having a hold your ground button is absolutely required!!!

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“V” button for you . Have you try this?


I looked in the hotkeys but didnt find anything there? But no i didnt try “v”

The stand ground is weird / broken as a Toggle. It un-toggles after moving or doing anything. Unlike in the previous Aoe, they would stay in Stand Ground even after moving.


If i recall putting spears on stand ground gives them a really good bonus vs cavalry charges.

So it is “v” button?

Yes it’s right there on the UI with all the other unit commands when you have units selected.

Lol i swear i looked on the ui like 10 times!!

The annoying thing is that units lose the stand ground stance of you issue a move command. They should really fix that.

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