Need More "Something"

decrease shadow in the graphics settings.
Try different nvidia colour calibration settings too (such as digital vibrance and contrast)

I have to disagree with you on this one. They need to focus on balance the first 8 civs first and bring the features that the game needs before even thinking of adding new civs. New civs right now would be a disaster for competitive play!

Also you say civs are the same when they are obviously not. You can clearly see how since the game launch civs evolved very different playstyles and army compositions.


I think it was actually marketed (or info-revealed) well before launch that civs were asymmetric.

I never thought civs were deeper because of their appearance, and don’t think most people did? (Personally, I learned my lesson with AoE2 that civ visual appearances don’t mean too much :slight_smile: ) No, I based my opinion solely on the AoE4 info that was made public by MS.

Even PC Gamer mentioned it back in Apr '21:


I don’t yet own AoE4, so am not sure how much asymmetry there is. Either way, I just wanted to mention that

I’ve been very disappointed with the authors of many articles about AoE4. They write like total franchise outsiders without any firm grasp on what Age of Empires is all about. The criticism tends to be superficial and miss the details. These civs aren’t deep. The game isn’t deep. It’s not a natural evolution of the franchise. It’s a step backwards and to the side. Where even are those reviewers now, do they even play the game anymore? Has it truly captured their attention? But the devs promise they will keep working on it until they get it perfect. I’m very optimistic.


I do really enjoy that you can put units on stone walls, and I wish AoE4 leaned into this gameplay more. Ensemble tried (and failed) to get walls working, and the previews for the game really showed off some impressive and dramatic sieges. In a competitive game, stone walls are rarely built, units are rarely put on said walls, siege towers are nowhere to be seen, and trebuchets (the iconic siege weapon from AoE2 and the feature of many AoE4 promotional videos) are not useful in-game.

I really enjoy the game (bugs and all), but I agree there’s something missing.


I’d imagine units aren’t going on walls because units are the only game pieces that can move around, and the only that have population limits, and it hamstrings you to leave them on a wall. Ensemble didn’t put units on walls because they created a franchise that didn’t need units on walls. They created towers that fire arrows. It’s beauty is its simplicity.